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Jo Dounis is an acrylic and mixed media artist.  The daughter of an architect who also painted in his later years, she was born into a world of creativity and from a very young age has been passionate about colour and design.  A student of both art and interior design,  Jo has a foot in both worlds and has always had the belief that these two worlds can mesh together to create something special and meaningful in one's environment.


Jo has two distinctive art styles, through which she expresses her passion for light, texture and colour.  One is fluid with an ethereal quality where colours blend and flow together to create organic shapes and designs, and the other is textural, creating a 3-dimensional, tactile experience for the viewer.  Many of her textured land, sea, and skyscapes have an abstract, dream-like quality through which she expresses a deep desire to transport her viewers into a natural Utopian environment, free from our turbulent and over-developed world.


An optimist by nature, Jo's wish is to connect with people on a deeply emotional level, inspiring positive feelings of joy, serenity, peace and calm and encouraging them to dream...


Dounis’s art can be found in private collections in Malta as well as in the U.S.A., Canada, Australia, the Middle East and several countries in Europe.

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